So it is, we’ve been in Australia for TWO months now! I still can’t believe what we did. Packed our shit, stuffed it ever so neatly in a storage unit, and then flew to Australia. Some days it seems we’ve just arrived here, and other days it feels like we’ve been here for much longer than two months. It’s sad to not be able to visit with fam and friends or talk to them as frequently. It seems that the minute we left town, a million and one things happened. But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? In any event, it’s been some ride so far!

To celebrate our Two Month Oz Anniversary, Justin and I started by heading downstairs to Connors Cafe. Best brekky in town! Let me get Rachael Ray on y’all for a second – they have a veggie brekky dish that’s 2 corn fritters (they’re like, pancakes + cornbread? I don’t know really how to describe…) with fresh Popeye greens (spinach), mushys and onions stuffed between them, then it’s topped with a grilled tomato and lime/coriander dressing! Holla!
Anywho, after stuffing our face, drowing lattes (by the way, I noted that Decaf costs an extra $0.50 or so at some places) while reading about the Top 100 Richest Queenslanders in the Sunday paper, and then stopping by the butcher, Justin and I headed to the hinterland. It sounds so exotic doesn’t it? Hinterland. Like you need rope and a scythe tied to your waist to go there. Hinterland. We decided to check out the Natural Bridge in the Numinbah Valley, which is about a 45-min drive from Burleigh (on which we spotted 2 roos – although they were down-and-out, aka dead, I was pretty excited to see them in the “wild”)

natural bridge
(Check out more pics on Flickr!)

I’m not quite sure of the geographic specifics, but I think the Natural Bridge is something like a naturally formed rock bridge, which formed from a waterfall breaking through the roof of a cave. Whatever Mother Nature did, it was pretty cool. And the drive there was scenic – crazy curves and cows galore! We saw one piece of property for sale – 53 Acres! (Can you say, ginormous? No, really, you can say it. It’s officially a word in the dictionary now!) Hey Australia, got land!? hahaha! I can’t even fathom 53 acres. Anywho, if you’re looking for lots of solitude, cows, or just some place to play with your dirtbikes, I would think Australia’s probably got something for you.

Anywho, it’s been an insane couple of months, and I can’t wait to see what the next two months bring us!

And, also, a quick thank you to everyone for stopping by our blog and dropping shout outs and hellos!! We love it, and we miss and love you all!!