Well, both Justin and I have been back to work full-time for the last two weeks.  Society tells us that we need to go to school and get a job to be deemed worthy of anything, but I’ve discovered it’s just an attempt to cover up the fact that NOT working is a hell of a lot more fun!  Not that we don’t like/love our jobs, though.  I mean, I actually really like my job.  I am a word nerd and very happy about that.  And Justin is pretty keen on seeing to it that the world is kept busy building.  Speaking of building, here is a pic of the project Justin is working on at Amalgamated:

(I was in the car and took this, so it’s not the best; I’ll get some better shots soon!)

Anywho, we had so much fun together NOT working and exploring everyday.  We really learned more about each other in this whole travelling process.  With no work, no cable and the Earth as our playground, we’ve found that, thank goodness, we really like each other!  (I know we’ve been together for some time now, but…you got to keep checking on this thing called love.  The old addage goes, You never know if love will warm your heart or burn your house down.  And, although I don’t own a house yet, I hope when I do, it doesn’t get burned down.)  But, now we’re back to the ol’ ball and chain of work.  It’s good, though, we’re working and rebuilding our savings for now.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back on the road sightseeing sooner than later!  There’s so much to do still!

More good news, we have our eyeballs on a vehicle!  Yesssss!  It’s old and not the prettiest, but it runs and has tons of FUN potential.  And, the kicker, it’s a V-Dub!  (I miss my Jetta.) 

This brings me to another topic, which I will only expound on a small bit here: Now, some people like to use the label “brand whore”, but I prefer to call myself “brand loyal.”  I love my VW; I’m happy with Dell; I trust Progresso and Ramen to make me soup; and I definitely prefer Q-tip brand cotton swabs (which I haven’t found in Oz yet).  The list goes on and is everchagning, but that’s what I like.  And, I’m sure if you ask any major corporation about this subject, they’ll agree with the latter term – brand loyal – being the best 😉 

Well, back to the V-Dub, everyone keep your fingers crossed we make this happen!   Updates to come!