I’m sitting here drinking a Coke.  Ahhh, but not Coke as I know Coke.  This is Coke produced in Australia.  This is Coke with no High Fructose Corn Syrup.  No wonder it tastes different.  Good, but different; it’s not as sweet.  In fact, HFCS isn’t present in a majority of foodstuffs in Oz.  Seriously.  I just went through some of the food in my apartment, and the only thing I found with HFCS is the ketchup.

Is this why I haven’t seen any “really fat” people here in Oz?  Well, in any event, lacking inexpensive HFCS must surely be the reason my 600mL bottle of Coke costs $3.  I guess that’s a more-than-fair enough trade, though.