Friday, we discovered that, like Jacksonville, places don’t stay open very late around the Gold Coast, or at least Burleigh.  We went to get some grub around 9:30pm or so, and only 2 places (within walking distance) were open – Domino’s and Tropicana Burleigh.  Although Tropicana Burleigh is a fave of ours, it was late and they didn’t have much left.  In the end, Justin had Domino’s and I had some mashed potatoes and biscuit (cookie) gelato. 

Saturday arvo, we went to a barbie (BBQ).  One of the usual fares at an Aussie barbie is snags, sausages, with your choice of sauteed onions and/or peppers (they use “capsium” here, though; as in red capsium or capsium spray) and sauce.  And, the crowning touch, white bread!  No hot dog buns for Aussies.  In fact, you will be hardpressed to find hd buns – at least a selection of them anyway.  Anywho, it was fun, and we met some new people – Aussies and a Kiwi (person from New Zealand).  Oh, and Justin’s inner Snow White came out while at the park.  Lorikeets are everywhere here, and one started hanging out by Justin hoping to get some food.  So, in exchange for some bread, the bird was letting Justin pet it.  **A note on the lorikeets: I’m almost positive this is where Hitchcock got his inspiration for The Birds.  These birds fly to the trees by the beach to spend the night – I’m talking, like a thousand birds at least – and they make the craziest noise ever as they all fly in!  


Oh yeah, and we saw Knocked Up.  You would think it’s hard to make a comedy about a one-night stand that results in pregnancy – I’m not sure there’s too much funny in a situation like that – but they manage to pull it off somewhat.  I think Seth Rogen is a good addition to the world of comedic films.   

Sunday, we went into Brissy again, but this time to check out a campervan.  The price was very good – almost too good.  In the end, we’re still undecided about it.  It works, but it’s older than us (1979) and since we’re not mechanically inclined, we’re hesitating on the buy.  But, we did meet some very cool Irish peeps in the process.  It was a group of 3 Irie who are on a worldwide (Oz, NZ, EU, US) holiday for 8 months!  I have never met an American who took vacation for 8 months! 

So, that was that.  Happy Monday!