In Australia, if you’re a “tall poppy,”  you’re thought negatively on for trying to stand out because you perceive yourself to be of a higher status – econmoically, socially, politically, etc….  (I think that’s it in a nutshell, anyway.)  So, as not to be a tall poppy here, I jumped on the UGG bandwagon!  haha!  I’m starting to feel more like an Aussie…or maybe it was the latte I just finished….anyway….check ’em out! 


UGGs or not, if you still want to feel like an Aussie yourself, here are a few words you can throw around (for you,  M!):

brekky – breakfast

arvo – afternoon

esky – a cooler (like you would take to tailgate or something)

stubby – bottle (of beer, usually 375ml) (or, if you prefer, a tinny – can)

Sheila – lady

sauce – general term for condiments such as tomato sauce (ketchup), bbq, mayo, etc….

chips – french fries (chips, as in Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips (mmm), would be referred to as crisps)

yank/seppo – American

mozzie – mosquito

cuppa – cup of coffee/tea

hotel – hotel, but also bar/pub