**Ginger beer.

It’s like the cooler cousin of ginger ale.  It’s still a soft drink, it’s still carbonated, but it’s got serious ginger flavor going on.  

**Black bean sauce.

It’s the closest I’m getting to having black beans, and it’s awesome.  It’s basically sugar, soy sauce, garlic – the usual suspects of an Asian sauce – with fermented black beans added.  It’s a dish at almost any Asian restaurant – Chicken in black bean sauce, black bean sauce vegetables.  And there are a ton of brands to choose from at the grocery store.  Mmm, good. 


I think I’ve grown a sweet tooth.  Usually, once a month or so, I find myself picking up (opposed to just looking at) a Twix bar while standing in line at Publix.  Now, though, I actually stop and browse through the candy aisle.  And, I think the seed for my sweet tooth was – gelato.  Hazelnut gelato, cheesecake gelato, passion fruit gelato, vanilla gelato…it’s all good.  One of our fave eateries is Tropicana Burliegh – it’s 100m from our apartment, it’s open late and they sell everything from breakfast to fish & chips and roast chicken to smoothies, lattes and of course, gelato  🙂