I haven’t gotten behind the wheel of anything in a long time.  Car, bike, scooter – nada.  It’s been kind of refreshing not to drive.  I certainly miss it, don’t get me wrong.  Windows down, music up, that’s the way I like to….(Do you thoughts ever get intercepted by a song?  Yeah, happens all the time with me…then I break out in dance, which isn’t always ideal when you’re at, say, the grocery store….haha!)  Sometimes, though, it’s nice to hop on a bus and just zone out for a bit. 

On the other hand, when we have a car and we’re in a new place, I have the task of “getting us there” (where “there” is, we’re never quite sure).  Let me tell you, Sacagewea I’m not.  My perception of left and right is often skewed slightly to begin with, and then to make matters worse, I’m sitting on the left side of the car trying to distinguish streets and road signs I’ve never seen before.  Oh, and roundabouts!  Australia loves the roundabouts.  (Our guess is they’re more environmentally friendly and ensure a better flow of traffic.)  


Anywho, we rented a car again so that Justin could drive to work this week (Nas, the Nissan Pulsar).  So, last night I decided it was time to break the dry spell and drive!  Honestly, it was kind of nervewracking.  For one, Justin made me turn off the radio, so I felt like I was 16 and taking my driver’s test all over again.  Not fun.  I think I even held the wheel at 10 and 2!  haha!  Our destination was only like 2 kilometers up the road, but it seemed longer.  The whole way, I just kept repeating in my head, Keep left, keep left, keep left….  In the end, success.  I didn’t hit anyone.  I didn’t drive off the road.  Nevertheless, I’m not really keen on getting back behind the wheel right away.  I guess I better brush up on my direction-giving skills….