As far as I know, Australia is not known for their culinary prowess.  I mean, if you put them in a list along with, say, France, Spain, and Mexico, I’m sure Australia would fare somewhere near last.  However, that’s not to say they don’t have good food.  In addition to good ol’ fish & chips (french fries; chips as in potato chips are crisps), their plate is filled with European, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian.  There are kebab and falafel offerings on almost every corner.  There is sure to be at least 2 Asian restaurants in every shopping center as well – maybe Thai, maybe Indonesion, or perhaps Japanese or Chinese.  And to note, every place we’ve eaten Asian food has been pretty awesome.  Justin is really digging the red curry dishes.  Even in the most un-Asian type of restaurant you can imagine (think, Bennigan’s or something), there’s sure to be a curry or Asian hot-pot type of dish on the menu. 

Another popular fare here is Italian.  Lasagna, pasta dishes, pizza – it’s everywhere.  Even Domino’s is here.  *Another plus when eating at an Italian restaurant – or any restauarnt really – is Australia’s popular B.Y.O. policy.  The Bring Your Own policy means you can bring in your favorite wine – and there are plenty of good, inexpensive ones to choose from – and only get charged $1 or $2 fee per glass.  Much better deal than buying a $30 bottle of wine that you may or may not like.   

I also love the fact that organic and locally grown food is everywhere.  All the grocery stores seem to carry a pretty decent selection of org fruits and veggies, as well as org canned and dry goods.  Of course, all the corner markets and vendors have org and local selections too.  For the meat eaters, there’s always a choice of hormone-free or free-range meats from chicken (not so popular in Aussie compared to in US) to lamb (very popular in Aussie compared to in US) to beef.  

To sum up, my taste buds have been a roller coaster for the last 4 weeks.