While I’m certainly enjoying all the newness that Australia is offering, there are a few things I’m missing right now (superficial things, of course, not including family and friends).

1. Black beans.  No joke, I spent like 15 minutes in Woolworth’s cruising up every aisle at a slow 2mph looking for black beans.  In fact, the “Mexican” cuisine throughout Oz seems to be a bit, uh, lacking.  To their credit, though, what they lack in Mexican, they certainly make up for in Asian.  Mmm, noodles. 

2. Mentadent.  Once you use the pump, the tubes are a dump.  Now you know. 

3. A dishwasher.  Justin and I have carved niches out for ourselves in our relationship – I cook, he cleans.  My cooking duties, however, usually mean doing the dishes.  It’s not sooo bad to do all the dishes by hand – it takes 5-10 mins – but knowing that I don’t have the option to let them pile up for a day and then hide them all in a dishwasher makes me want one that much more.

4. My favorite hoodie.  My desire to wear my DBHS soccer hoodie everywhere is still with me.  Unfortunately, my hoodie is not.  Tear, tear. 

I know my list is much longer, but this is where I’ll cut it off for now.