er, that would be Hungry Jack’s here in Australia.  (Due to a trademark conflict, the fastfood giant was forced to make a name change!  ha!  Way to stick it to the corporate world!)

My point of this blog is similar to the fact that Austrailians drive whatever they drive, the same rings true of work it seems.  A job is a job.  There doesn’t appear to be anybody trying to “climb the corporate ladder” here.  Whether you’re passing out french fries, scrubbing floors, building a highrise or managing a hotel – it’s all the same here.  It’s refreshing to not feel like I’m in some rat race to buy the biggest house; or the fastest car; or have the most Pottery Barn furniture.  Granted, I dont have a job at all right now, so technically, I’m in no race.  I’m like, the flagwaver at someone else’s race.  (Actually, I may have a job doing some work for my former employer, which is great news!)  Anywho, I really do appreciate this air of Australians regarding work. 

All right, this is just a quick note as I’m updating this blog in the middle of a “mall.” 

Miss you all!!