In an effort to grasp more of the Australian culture, Just and I have begun to make nice with the liquid goodness of the country.  Wine, beer, they seem to love them both equally – and frequently.  We were walking to the grocery store yesterday, oh, about 10:30AM, and a couple of men were enjoying cold ones.  Lunch is also paired with a glass of wine or beer.  And dinner, no table is without a bottle of vino or a few glasses of beer.  And no, I haven’t seen Fosters on tap.  A few they do have, however, is: VB, Toohey, Carlton Draught, XXXX Gold, Cascade Light, Coopers…to name a few.  As for the vino, there’s no shortage of choices.  Red, white, bubbly – they have it all.  Perhaps, this is what contributes to the laid back, happy nature of the people here.     

Moving on – Australia has balls.  Lots of them. 

They have one for soccer.

They have one for rugby.

They have one for cricket. 

They have one for bowls (as in lawn bowling).

Considering that my knowledge of American football is limited to touchdowns, interceptions and Florida Gators (more or less just the name, I don’t actually watch many of the games), the inundation of rugby games is overwhelming.  They are on every station on every tele at every bar – it’s crazy.  I have tried to watch one game of rugby, and one of cricket, and I didn’t get a hold on much of either game.  However, I have noticed some fine-looking specimens on the rugby teams, so I will try to further my studies of this game…if anything, just for the head and bicep shots.

Moving on in my observations of Aussie culture, I have been watching some of their music channel – Max.  They seem to have a taste for dance/electronic music, Kylie Minogue and The Killers.  What’s more, I was happy to find that they were showing Madonna’s Confessions tour last night!  What’s to be noted here is that they did NOT edit Live to Tell; the song Madonna performs on a cross.  In America, they edited out her performance and just showed images from a video of African children, which was playing on stage behind Madonna.  In any event, the lack of censorship was refreshing and reminded me how much I hope that she tours again!  50-shmifty…Madonna can do it!