1. Pumpkins. 

The Prom Queen of Fruit (er, veggie?) here; they seem to be quite popular.  I went to a grocery store, and they had Cream of Pumpkin soup.  No, I haven’t tried it yet. 

2. G’day.

Common greeting heard during the day…and night.  No, I haven’t tried it yet. 

3. Fire hydrants.

I haven’t seen any so far.  Instead, there are boxes that note “hydrant” along the sidewalks and usual places where a fire hydrant would be. 

4. Beets.

They put them on hamburgers along with the lettuce and tomato.  I must say, it works.

5. Environmentally conscious.

I guess when you’re an island in the middle of the Pacific, you work to maintain what your mama gave ya’.