Toto, I don’t think we’re in Jacksonville anymore.  Fo sho!  Sydney is crazy – Justin and I are surrounded by at least 3 languages being spoken at once at all times, and people are constantly on the go here!  As for the weather, it’s been about 20 C (about 68-70 F) with full sun, blue skies and a bit of wind.  Of course, I’m always a bit chilly, but the weather is really nice.  While it’s wonderful here in Sydney, we’re happy to be heading out tomorrow morning!  

We have rented a car and are heading up north along the East Coast of Australia.  The driving thing should be fun!  We’re hoping to make it to a city called Port Macquirie (sp? I will check on this later) and check out the beaches and area there.   Then we’ll head a little further north to the next state, Queensland, where we’ll be looking to plant our feet for a while somewhere along the Gold Coast – Coolangatta, Surfer’s Paradise, Broadbeach, etc… 

We’ll keep you all posted!!!