So, we’ve been staying with our family for the last 4 days.  Whew!  It’s not the family part that’s draining (well, maybe it is a little!), its more the fact that we’ve been living out of boxes.  Everything is in a separate container – shoes, shirts, jeans, shorts.  I’m digging through one bag to find my toothbrush, running to my trunk to find some jeans, checking in Justin’s truck for shoes…it’s craziness fo’ sho. 

And, we have to sort through it all on our big packing day, which is Wednesday.  I’m not quite sure it’s the best idea for us to leave this until the night before we leave, but that’s what the plan is for now (ok, at least we have a plan!).  We’re going to attempt to fit all we can’t live without in 2 big backpacks and one carry-on size bag.  I went to get a mani/pedi on Sunday with my Mom, and when I told the nail lady my one-bag mantra, she started doing this lauging/crying thing – she opened her mouth and in spite of her Vietnamese accent and soft spoken voice, she clearly said something along the lines of, “No Way! You’re crazy.”  However, I’m finding solace in the fact that we’re not going to a completely remote island.  Island yes, but it’s not like there’s no electricity or Targets (yes, Target is in Australia – I checked!).  And yes, I equate the importance of electricity to the importance of having a Target nearby.   haha! 


Anywho, I can’t wait to be aboard the plane on Thrusday heading for Portland, OR!  Mmm, land of wine, hazlenuts and cheese.  Who doesn’t love that combo?!  See ya’ soon Craig and Nicole!