Good thing I don’t play baseball.  So, today was my last day going into the office.  I left barely saying goodbye to anyone simply because I was one light wind away from tears.  And nobody looks good when they cry.  Red eyes, dripping mascara (well, not in my case because I usually don’t wear mascara), runny nose, quivvering upper lip – definitely not a ooh-take-my-picture moment.  Anywho, I hopped in my car and proceeded to put in the most appropriate Madonna cd I had with me.  I was hoping I had Something to Remember – ballads are always good when you’re emotional – but I didn’t.  Confessions, too dancy.  American Life, too political.  So, I chose Ray of Light.  With my music selection playing, I was able to reflect on the door I just closed.  I can’t believe I’m ending a four-year run.  I can’t believe I survived the job, and what’s more, I can’t believe my job survived me.  

The ages of 23-27 are like puberty, part deux – minus the cracking voice.  The transition from College Kid to Grown Up is crazy!  You have to realize that there are no more scholarships (aka, Parents!) depositing money into your bank account.  You learn that weekends are just Saturday and Sunday – not Wednesday to Sunday as once practiced in college!  You accept the fact that Spring Break is a thing of the past (unless you become a teacher).  In short, to hire someone fresh out of college still carrying a when’s-semester-break and where-are-the-dollar-drafts mentality is daring for any employer.  So, I thank my job for taking the risk!  In fact, I loved my job, and it was one of the…hmm, three, maybe four, things that kept us here in Jacksonville for so long.  I could go on for awhile here, but I won’t.  It’s better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all, right?  This can apply to a job as well 🙂 


This Blog’s Song: David Gray’s “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

Take a look in my face / For the last time

I never knew you / You never knew me

Say Hello, Goodbye