We’re going to Australia, and people think we’re crazy.  Maybe crazy in a good way.  Maybe not.  Most people ask, “WHY Australia?!”  The real question here, though, is “Why not Australia?” 

While the number of US citizens with passports is increasing, it’s still at the low end.  Statistics vary (as they always do, of course), but the average number of Americans that have passports is 20% to 25%.  In Canada, the number is almost double at 40%.  I’m sure the number is even higher for Europeans. 

So, why aren’t more Americans venturing out?  Money?  Maybe.  Fear?  Could be.  No desire?  Possibly.  In our case, we want to go abroad for a bit simply because we want to gain experiences and learn. 

1. We want to learn about ourselves – as individuals, and as a couple.  Without the individual, the couple cannot exist.   The more you know about yourself, the more you can contribute to being a stronger couple.  (Ahh, there’s a Confucius in all of us.)

2. We want to learn about America – I want to know how Americans are perceived outside of the US, and there’s no way I’m taking what CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC or any other acronymed media giant has to say about it to heart.  The Depeche Mode song, Walking in My Shoes, is coming to my mind…

I’m not looking for absolution/ forgiveness for the things I’ve do

But before you come to any conclusions/ try walking in my shoes

How true.

3. Last, but not least, we just want to have fun and see how other parts of the world work.