You know, sometimes the news makes me really mad.  I want to be informed and updated on events, and I don’t think that means giving me a play-by-play on every single detail, played back in slow motion, then broken down into sound bites.  The VT shootings has been, to say the least, awful.  Sad.  Disturbing.  All of the above.  And, I am more concerned with knowing how to help those grieving.  Or, what steps to take to reduce the possibility of an incident like this happening again.  Giving me every detail doesn’t make it better. 

(*cue Sports Announcer voice)

We have 10 dead, 50 wounded, all of which occured in a timeframe of 3 hours, 5 minutes and 25 seconds.  Amazing.  Shooter X covered an area of 5 square miles, using 500 rounds of bullets….

 Come on!  The media sounds like they’re reporting a football game!  Is it necessary to sensationalize every moment?  We have become a nation of people that want to think for ourselves, but we don’t have time to.  Every second we’re bombarded with information, opinions, bylines, sound bites, images…  There’s not a split second that we can take to form our OWN opinion.  Whether it’s headlines or podcasts, or blogs or radio, sometimes enough is enough.  Hopefully, we all know when it’s time to tune out for a second. 

Anywho, on to other – happier – things.  My friend Erica asked me how long Justin and I would be in Oz.  Well, Erica, the answer is: We don’t know.  We’re starting with 4 months, and then our work visa will expire.  US citizens used to be able to work in Oz for longer (6 months or so, I believe), but then the US government restricted AU citizens coming to work in the US to 4 months – so Oz reciprocated the terms for US citizens.  Ahh, friendly fire, eh?   Once the work visa ends, we have some options – leave the country for a second to renew our work visa, transfer to a Tourist visa (where you can’t work legally) or go back to the US. 

Here is a pic from Eliz’s wedding this past weekend – Me, Kelly W., Renee 🙂 


Group shot @ Eliz’s wedding!  The bride was beautiful (of course!), and the reception – nothin’ but good times!  

(Eliz, Lana, Kelly, Renee, Erica, Cara)