Despite all the free parking at the beach and ever-flowing beer at The London Bridge, we knew we had to say goodbye to Jacksonville.  But, where to next?  Southern Cali?  Justin loves to surf, but earthquakes scare me.  South Florida?  No way, at least not now.  I don’t know enough Spanish and Portuguese to get by.  Seattle?  One of my best friends was going there, but the lack of sun and surf and wealth of rain are disturbing.  Portland?  My brother is there, but again with the rain.   I prune so easily that I’m afraid I would turn into a raisin after the first spring there. 

We struggled to agree on something and finally, jokingly said, “We should move to Australia.”  Do you hear the he-he and ha-ha?  Long story short, it’s happening.  Looked into a company called CCUSA, and they’re sponsoring us to travel to Oz with a 4-month work visa.  We’ll take what we can get.  Of course, we could have optioned to go through the actual immigration process, but that’s long and deterring not to mention, expensive.  What if Oz isn’t what we imagine?  Then we would have spent months, maybe years, and too much money on a bust.  Better idea – go over on a quick, much less expensive method and have a look-see for ourselves.  If we like it, we’ll take it from there.  If not, we have a return flight to the States. 

 So the journey begins.  We leave May 20th from Portland!  We fly into Sydney and will spend the first 3 nights/4 days there, then make our way to the Gold Coast.  Beyond that, who knows?  This just may be the craziest thing we’ve ever done.